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Light is the key. Just run towards the light.

I love natural, beautiful emotions. I feel incredibly accomplished when I capture a genuine moment or a well executed concept. We're light artists and also discreet photo journalists. I work in both natural and available light situations. I take pride in understanding the wedding planning process and turning your photographs into fine works of art.

I shoot and focus on one wedding per week, not one the day before or the day after, to give my full efforts and attention to your day. Wedding planning is stressful enough and I want photography to be the last thing you worry about. Let us lift some weight off of your shoulders, we got you. Breathe.

Elisha is always the one to get that angle I never think of or is always kind enough to be a wedding dress fluffer. It's been amazing watching her blossom as a photographer and be willing to put up with my goofy sense of humor. She loves video games and her soon to be husband, Jerry!

Sara is a rockstar! She's always looking for ways to make my life easier by giving creative input or simply helping me carry gear. She has a great eye that keeps getting better and better! She loves animals and has quite a few pets. Some of which I'm terrified of! And she is such a fashion trend setter!


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All of our collections come with a beautiful online proofing and ordering gallery. You can easily share any photos on social media with the user friendly interface! And order various sized tangible prints from our professional print lab.

Timeless layout designs, thick pages, and foil stamped titles make up our wedding and engagement albums. They are wrapped in genuine Italian full grain leather that is moisture resistant and ages beautifully with a rich patina.



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