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I live in Utica, NY with my husband, daughter, and dog, Zissou. I love all aspects of design from interior to graphic design. I've fallen in love with running. I'm a beginner but I can currently run 6 miles non stop at a 9:30 minute pace. In my leisure time I'm usually found cooking or baking, hanging out with my friends and family, or being a movie buff. 

Some of my favorite movies are Romeo & Juliet, The Shining, and The Martian. Photography has been a journey in my life for 9 years. I've always loved it but never thought I could use it to help others until I started my business in 2008. Since then I've felt like it's my duty to tell stories through photographs. And weddings are one of my favorite stories of life.


I'm a photographer, a wife, a mother


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